Built upon our extensive experience in the commercial delivery of projects and as independent Quantity Surveyors with no wider interests in design or construction, we offer trusted, impartial expertise in monitoring projects for investors and other interested parties, where they are not in direct control of delivery.

Our project monitoring service is designed to protect our client’s interests through the early identification and mitigation of risk and the constructive management of issues as they arise. We take a proactive approach to identify and manage key performance indicators specifically aligned to achieving our client’s investment objectives. Where concern arises, we engage proactively with those directly involved in project delivery to diplomatically explore solutions that protect your interests.

Our team come with a proven track record of successfully monitoring high-value, complex projects, identifying programme and cost drivers that have the potential to impact on successful time, cost and quality outcomes. By drawing upon the wider commercial expertise across our business, they are able to provide robust challenge to project assumptions and benchmark projections being made by project teams as to likely outcomes.

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