We can provide the skill and knowledge to commercially drive these often technically challenging projects. We make sure we understand schemes from the outset in terms of engineering, logistics, programme and risk. We take ownership of commercial outputs to provide welcome cost predictability and certainty for our clients.

We have a long and established history of successful involvement in some of the UK’s most complex civil engineering projects, covering a wide range of project types.

From experience of working on a wide range of complex, often unique projects involving heavy civil engineering, we know how by tailor our established basics to take into account the complexities of scale and type and deliver a solid foundation for cost management.

We start all our commissions with a comprehensive review of the existing or available design, proposed methodologies and available budget information. We are not afraid to ask what may appear to be the obvious in order to fill any gaps and develop a sound basis for cost management and project control.


Knowledge is key to the delivery of effective cost planning and commercial management of tunnelling schemes. Tunnelling is a niche and highly specialist market for which an understanding of the underlying methodologies and their corresponding cost characteristics and programme drivers is vital.

Our team knows that the final tunnel structure is the product of a complex interface of operational decisions, temporary and permanent works solutions, multiple composite interacting aspects of the structure (be those adits, running tunnels, service tunnels, box structures, portals), equipment capital purchase costs, material disposition plans and resource capability balancing issues.

Marine Works

Marine and port-side works bring with them a unique set of challenges and programme specific elements. We have the experience of working on a wide array of schemes including jetty construction, sea defence, land reclamation and barrage construction. We know the programme and risk nuances, along with the specific working practices needed to successfully deliver these schemes. We can provide the comprehensive and robust input required to deliver project certainty.

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