We are experienced in developing effective and robust procurement processes for Clients across the construction sector. Whether for an individual project or a multi-lot framework, our expertise will deliver a solution that is appropriate to the situation and aligned with your requirements to help identify the right supplier every time.

There is no one size fits all solution. Different projects and programmes have different needs, with the route map to success being established in the early stages of a project’s development. We know the market, the delivery options and the risk portfolios that sit with the various alternatives. We are able to offer tailored advice on all aspects of procurement and tendering, ensuring our projects get off to the best start possible.

We work with Clients from the very earliest stages to understand how they view the success of their project or framework and what their key drivers are in achieving that success. This will usually go beyond consideration of time, cost and quality to include issues of safety, sustainability and social value. Irrespective of the criteria, all need to be tested and challenged through an effective procurement and tendering process.

By gaining an understanding of the Client’s aspirations and knowing what success looks like from their perspective, we use our broad range of experience to determine an appropriate strategy. We establish whether the procurement will be subject to statutory regulations, internal governance protocols, what routes to market might be available and whether a single or two-stage process is more suitable.

Whether developing, implementing, or supporting the procurement process, we ensure governance is followed meticulously to protect our client’s interests. Our approach is to lead and manage a fair and open procurement process by either providing or assuring all aspects of the procurement function, including:

  • Development of procurement and contract strategies whilst incorporating lessons learned in tendering and delivery.
  • Independent expert advice regarding the Public and Utility Contract Regulations.
  • Drafting and collation of tender documents.
  • Management of tender queries including drafting of appropriate responses.
  • Tender assessment and validation including sustainability checks.
  • Contract award including the compilation of executed contract documents.
  • By applying our collaborative and joined-up approach, we have developed an excellent track record of effective and successful procurement for Clients across the construction sector.

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